Unleashing Leadership: Unlocking Greatness and Embracing Change

The Blame Speech

February 06, 2024 Travis Maus Season 4 Episode 122
Unleashing Leadership: Unlocking Greatness and Embracing Change
The Blame Speech
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Imagine harnessing the transformative power of a positive attitude to revolutionize your approach to leadership and personal development. That's exactly what we're unpacking in this episode, where we'll explore how standing for something can profoundly impact our lives and the lives of those around us. It's not just a conversation—it's a journey into understanding why a good attitude often trumps innate talent, especially in collaborative settings, and how embracing challenges can mold our character for the better.

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Speaker 1:

You. This Is on the same leadership and I'm your host, travis Moss, and welcome to special YouTube video where we get inspiration From the internet and bring it to you, talk about what it actually means. And today's episode is going to be called the blame speech, and the YouTube video that we're going to be referencing is the attitude is everything. Change your attitude, change your life. It's an inspirational, motivational video by above inspiration, so we'll put a link out there so you can get to that from our website. Let's frame this up a little bit. On this podcast we talk about all these ideas that come from books. We talk about ideas that can make us not just better leaders but better versions of ourselves. I can make our organizations better. They can improve the world around us. They can change the lives of anybody who's looking up to us. But remember, an idea is just a spark and Sparks are for you to build your own fire with. And we introduced at the beginning of this season something new we introduced the arguments against Simon Sinek's work and we went out there and we said, okay, what are other people saying about his stuff? And One of the things that all three Reviews that we did had in common, I think the authors of them all had an attitude problem. They weren't interested in learning, they weren't interested in taking Sparks and seeing where they could go. They were more interested in being against Simon Sinek's work Because it made themselves look good. They were trying to Take the opposite angle so that they look like they're smarter than him. They use his platform to make them feel good, and they missed what I think is one of the most important points, or at least this has Resonated some of the the deepest with me you need to be for something, not against something. If you are for something, then when things don't resonate with you, you do. Another author and leadership consultant, jack O'Lilings, does. You say good and you move on with a smile good, now I know that information is not what I need. You don't worry about destroying the source. You don't worry if other people read it and get inspiration from it. You just say good, now I know what that is and you move forward. If you're for something, then you have hope. You actually believe in the future. You're not worried about the past. You're not naive, but you're not anchored either. This is something that I've learned. You know and we learned through doing stupid stuff. But when you're fighting against something, that's only gonna lead you and everyone around you to burn out. If you're gonna be fighting for something, you better make sure that those are little micro battles and not the whole war, because you're never gonna be able to fulfill people, because when you're against something, that's where the desire for destruction comes. We need to kill the competition, we need to destroy the competition. Be better if they were gone, neither of which are actually practical and neither brings any kind of sort of lasting satisfaction. So what if I changed my mindset to being for something Immediately? How much baggage would I actually drop? And I think this is a personal choice. This is my attitude towards life. There's a quote somewhere around minute 850 of the video by Victor Frankel, and Victor is a survivor of concentration camps during the Holocaust, and the quote is about his outlook on life, and this is what he says. They will not make me hate. I live in hope. They will not make me bitter. I will forgive. They will not make me mean-spirited. I will love. They will not make me anything. I do not choose for myself. In the YouTube video that we're referencing here, they make a couple other points that I wanted to point out and just in case you don't listen to the video, at least you'll have these as takeaways. I would take someone with a good attitude over someone with a higher IQ, aptitude or talent who has a bad attitude, and they go on to talk about. Think about who would you rather work with Someone who makes your work fun and energizing and you can't wait to get back to work the next day, even if it means you got to do a little bit more work or it takes you a little bit longer to do it. Or someone that sucks the soul out of you, basically makes you miserable every night because you're dreading work the next day. I added the last part there, but that's pretty much what they're saying. Another thing that they say in the video an easy life never produced a great person. It is not what you go through, it is how you go through it. We need to avoid the habit of negatism and entitlement. I think this is also a really good message for parents and leaders in general. Don't make things so damn easy that your kids or your people become entitled and unable to deal with any kind of challenges. I would say that a little struggle goes a long way and the more struggle that you deal with, the more often you deal with it, the more you can handle more challenging, harder situations. It is not your problems that hold you back. It is your attitude towards the problems which is the real problem. This is what it might take from that. Your attitude is your armor. Your attitude sheds the wounds from the past. Your attitude blocks the things that lesser people are throwing at you, trying to drag you down to their level. It is not easy staying with somebody who is forward thinking, who is for something and positive and full of hope and will, and all that kind of stuff. It is not easy keeping up with you. If that's you, everybody who doesn't know how to do that or doesn't know why that's so important, or just isn't there. They are going to try to cling on and hold on to you and keep you back with them Because you show them up. There is a speech that starts around minute 7.40 or so in the video. I am saying that because, as I said that I zoomed way out of my notes, it is minute 7.40 of the video. This is what I call the blame speech. I want to leave you today considering this because I have asked you to contemplate are you for or against something? Try to change that so you are for something. This is the quote from the video. The aggressive response when you don't choose a good attitude is to blame or to have self pity. The final takeaway that I want you to have is a speech that starts around minute 7.40 of the video. I call it the blame speech. I want to leave you today considering this, the blame speech, basically because I have asked you to contemplate choosing an attitude that is for something over being an attitude that is against something. I think that this puts all of that into perspective, and so, to quote them in the video, the aggressive response when you don't choose a good attitude is to blame or to have self pity. Both are pathetic. I made a list. Blame never affirms it assaults. Blame never restores it wounds. Blame never solves it complicates. Blame never unites it separates. Blame never smiles it frowns. Blame never forgives it rejects. Blame never forgets it remembers. Blame never builds it destroys. I will leave you with what kind of attitude do you have? Blame never unites it.

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