Unleashing Leadership: Unlocking Greatness and Embracing Change

Hyper-Counterfeit world of social media, 24-hour news, & politics

January 25, 2024 Travis Maus Season 4 Episode 114
Unleashing Leadership: Unlocking Greatness and Embracing Change
Hyper-Counterfeit world of social media, 24-hour news, & politics
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Consider the risks that color every corner of our lives, from the monumental to the mundane. We're not just talking about leaping from cliffs or investing in volatile stocks; we're pondering the everyday gambles like choosing a career path or relocating for love. Through the lens of life's rich tapestry, we weigh the scales of action and inaction, challenging you to a duel with the status quo. By adopting a proactive approach to risk, we can rekindle the fiery curiosity of youth and see opportunity where others see only fear. So, buckle up for a journey into embracing risk as a natural, invigorating part of our existence, one that can lead to unparalleled growth and vibrant living.

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Speaker 1:

You. This Is unleashing leadership and I'm your host, travis Moss, and welcome to quote day. And before we get too far into quote day, I want to put a shameless plug in for ditch the suits, which is an award-winning podcast at myself and Steve Campbell co-host. It's all about your money and life and the reason why I'm bringing that up today is because in that podcast we often talk about Things that are happening in the news, in politics, on social media. That's shaping the way you think about finances. That often gets you to make Decisions that you otherwise would not have made, that they're not good for you, but they're driven out of fear and greed and the powers that we kind of know that. So they play that against you to get you Essentially to tune in. So we talk about that a lot on that show. That shows all about getting more out of your money in life. Back to this show, our quote for today Taking no risk wound up being your biggest risk. You have to risk failure to succeed. You have to risk rejection to be accepted. You have to risk heartbreak To love. If you're always avoiding risks, you're risking missing out on life. Fear is isolating. We've been talking a lot about fear, and greed Keep showing up in this season. Fear is isolating. It is loneliness and helplessness. When we are young, we do things that we would never do as we get older. Why? Because as we get older we've seen more risk, and due to people. We've known people have died on the ski slopes or been crippled in bike accidents. We know people have died from illness. We've seen people suffer. We've been told no a million times. We've been told things are bad a million times. It's become part of our psyche and this is extreme, but it's true to even lesser issues. We've seen people lose your jobs right before Christmas. Don't trust those corporations. We make bad investments where. We've seen people make bad investments and lose all their money. Don't trust those markets. We speak up only to be demoted or criticized. Your opinion doesn't matter. We've seen people wear heartbreak and failure almost like it's a purple cross. We focus on heartbreak and failure. We have this hyper counterfeit world of social media. I don't care what you say. Most of stuff on social media Nobody gives a damn about. They're not going to sacrifice their life for your issue. When it really comes down to it, same thing with the news, same thing with the politics. So much of our day-to-day lives are designed to highlight the risk and build upon the foundation of fear. I Seen this working with people. I've seen it with both colleagues and I've seen it with clients. We accumulate something because maybe we were just young and brash enough, because we took a chance, because we didn't have much to lose in the first place. And then something happens to us once we've accumulated something Not everybody, but to a lot of people something happens to them. We realize that we have something that we can lose. And it doesn't even matter how precious what we have really is, it just matters that you know we have this thing Could be a rusty old lawnmower in your garage that you don't even use. Somebody stole that from you'd be pissed because it was yours and somebody violated you. It doesn't matter if it's material, doesn't matter if it's personal, it just matters that you have it and it's yours. And because it's yours you have to protect it or you should always have it. So we cling on to it. We want to prevent anybody from ever taking that from us unless we're willing to give it away. And every time we turn on the news, what do we hear? We hear about loss. Everything on the news is about loss. We turn on our phones and read about pending doom. Right, flip through YouTube or yahoo or, or you know, apple news or Wall Street Journal, whatever, it's all pending doom. We talk to our friends like an echo chamber. We surround ourselves with people who tend to think and talk and have similar opinions to ours, and it's all an echo chamber. We take that youthful I'm going to suffer with this word a little bit elasticity. We take that youthful elasticity and we bind it up with fear. We're so concerned with holding on to what it is or what it was, to what we can control, that we kind of forsake what it could be. We forsake anything that we can't control. Every decision we make has risk. It doesn't matter how safe you think it is. When you proposed to your significant other, there was risk. If you haven't, when you do, there will be risk. They could say no. When you had a child, there was risk. When you took your first job, there was risk. That first job sets you up for your second job. When you went to college, there was risk. What if you can't get a job? When you bought your first home or moved into your first apartment, there was risk. Every time you get in the car, there is risk. Every morning you wake up, there is risk. Avoiding risk only creates more risk. Everything you do has risk in it. It's just how comfortable you are with the risk. How many times have you actually seen the risk and nothing's actually happened? The risk is real. You're just muted to the potency of it, but the risk is there. For every yes, there's a no. For every will, there is a will not. So when you say no, somebody else says yes, and they're still alive, they're still having a good time. For everything you won't do, there's somebody who will do something. For every good, there is a bad. It's called balance, and nothing that we do can limit this. We cannot avoid risk by pretending it's one-sided. There's no decision you make where there's no risk on the other side, even if the risk is just opportunity. Risk there is risk, but we're driven by fear and greed, so we need to stop letting others cultivate this garden of fear in our mind. Instead of fearing risk, assess it, look at it, understand it, ask questions about it, touch it, poke it, smack it around a little bit. What is really on the line? How bad is that risk really? How does it compare to other scenarios. Are there worse scenarios? What's the risk in perspective? Qualify it first and then quantify it. Don't run from it. Understand it. It's like when you were young, before you knew better. Don't avoid hot things. If it's hot, touch it. If it's really hot, learn how to use an oven mitt.

Risk, Fear, and Overcoming
Embracing and Evaluating Risk

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