Unleashing Leadership: Unlocking Greatness and Embracing Change

Eat Your Way To Success

January 18, 2024 Travis Maus Season 4 Episode 109
Unleashing Leadership: Unlocking Greatness and Embracing Change
Eat Your Way To Success
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This episode of Unleashing Leadership is not just about satiating your hunger for success; it's about relishing every bite of the journey. I encourage you to take a critical look at the opportunities laid out before you. Are you going to push back from the table, unsatisfied and hungry, or will you pick up the fork and start nibbling away at your dreams? The choice is yours, and it could mean the difference between feasting on triumphs or picking at the leftovers of what could have been. Tune in as we explore the importance of making deliberate decisions and the satisfaction of indulging in the nourishment of opportunity. How ravenous are you for success? Let’s embrace it, one bite at a time.

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Speaker 1:

This is Unleashing Leadership, and I'm your host, travis Moss. And today is my favorite day of the week. It is quote day and we are going to eat our way to success. Our quote for the day is can't complain about having a lot on your plate when your goal was to eat. I don't know who came up with that quote. I found out on Instagram. I didn't read far enough to know if there's an actual source for it or where it comes from, but that's the quote. I like it. I want you to think about being at a buffet and the buffet is beautiful. We're going to call the buffet success, and when success is fresh, it's achievement. It's accomplishment, it's triumph, it's attainment, it's a requirement, it's victory, it's feat, it's phenomenon, it's a blockbuster, it's winner, it's performance, it's conquest, it's game, it's realization, it's completion, it's skill and fulfillment, it's implementation, it's execution, arrival, culmination, fruition, jackpot, consummation. Well, if that buffet sits there long enough, if you don't eat, the food's eventually going to get rotten. And this success buffet is going to turn into the opposite of success buffet. It's going to turn into failure, disaster, mess, catastrophe, shambles, muddle, fiasco, debacle, disappointment, loss, flop, bust, non-achievement, washout, setback, dud, botch, bummer, let down, fizzle, debacle. You can make this easy on yourself though the plate's too full, if your eyes are too big for your stomach, just throw it away. You don't have to eat, you don't have to sit there when the food goes bad, you can just throw it away. And then you let chance happen for you. You let fate decide for you. Fate, an interesting idea, something that's beyond your control, supernatural. You're destined, it's gonna happen. It's impossible to change. And then you got chance. Chance is a coin flip for your fate. However, one side of the coin is shaved. It's never really a fair flip. It is easy to blame where you are On bad chance or fate. Like you were helpless and didn't get fair opportunity. But we know that isn't true. You had just as full plate as the next person. You were in line at the buffet, you had every opportunity to fill it up. And sure, maybe your plate would have had different things on it, but it would have started full of opportunities nonetheless. But you didn't like the opportunities that were on your plate. Or maybe the opportunities would take too long to eat, too long to digest, maybe they weren't sweet enough for you Like to have some junk food in there. Maybe you had a plant full of eggplant and you think that's the grossest food in the world. So you push back from the table and you go to bed hungry. Or maybe you even dumped your plate in the trash After all, it's gonna spoil anyway. But with no plate there's no opportunities. Hello chance and hello fate. Or you could do something different. Basically, you just say fuck you chance and you kick fate where it hurts and you go pick that plate back out of the trash and you sit back down at the table and you start to eat. You pick one thing on that plate, one nibble at a time, and you envision what it will be like not to go to bed hungry, not to be begging off somebody else's plate. And that's life. That's the difference between success and failure. If you want success, fill that proverbial plate and eat as much as you can. Cherish the fact that the nourishment of opportunity is directly in front of you Right now, begging to be consumed. How hungry are you? How bad do you want it? Stop bitching and start eating.

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